Inspiring women to the people of India and the world Kamalathal, the 80-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district who recently gained attention for her one-rupee idlis, and more importantly for her kindness, will now continue to make her fluffy idlis with a little more comfort.

The usual routine that she does every day is that she opens her stall at 6 am and closes depending upon how long the battery lasts. Customers start arriving from 7 am and Kamalathal begins cooking in her traditional idli vessels on an earthen stove using firewood.

Kamalathal’s story went viral after it emerged that she serves idlis for the nominal cost of 1 rupee per idli, waking up before dawn to cook them along with sambhar and chutney. Kamalathal who has been making close to 1000 idlies by herself every day was seen cooking using a wood-burning stove like the old traditional methods of cooking in India. It is very rear to find a person selling idly for just one rupee in any situation until now. People usually think about money or business when they attain fame through social media but our Kamalathal is just to serve the people with her kindness and love.

Offers of help have poured in for a woman in Coimbatore who cooks and sells idlis for just a rupee each. Kamalathal, an 80-year-old from Vadivelampalayam in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore district, has been issued an LPG connection by the government after Anand Mahindra, Chairman of the Mahindra Group shared her video on Twitter which further led to Kamalatha becoming an overnight star.

Now Kamalathal is known to everyone in India a kind-hearted person working the whole day selling idlies for a nominal price that no one has imagined I.e now we cannot buy a bar of chocolate with one rupee she is selling idlies on the same price to everyone from past 30 years.

She was interviewed by many media persons and she says that most of the people residing near Vadivelampalayam come from a lower-middle-class background or are economically backward. They are all daily wage workers. In such a case, it is hard for them to pay Rs 15 or Rs 20 for a plate of idli every day for breakfast, “I focus only on satisfying their hunger. Hence, I priced my idlis at 1 rupee. I get profits, but the margin is less.”

After she was given media attention help immediately poured out and now she has been provided with all the basic requirements like a gas stove, provided with a commercial installation with proper Burner & Piping suitable for bulk cooking, which will help her expand the business.

A heart-melting story of an inspiring woman who is working day and night only to serve people who cannot afford a plate of idly for 20 or 30 rupees a day. We have to take inspiration from her to support our people of all races, caste, creed, religion, and be a helping hand for each other in difficult times.