Paulami Patel is a successful 29-year-old Mumbaikar  businesswoman living in Mumbai who has an extraordinary life story. Her story is an inspiration to many and tells the reader that no matter what one should never give up in life. She is a true fighter who battled for her life at a tender age of 12 and came back from death with a never to die attitude.

Paulami was studying in the 5th standard when she had gone to Hyderabad where her cousins lived.  Paulami and her cousins were playing and enjoying the balcony when they decided to do fishing from the balcony. Paulami grabbed a metal utensil and an iron rod and attached them to pretend it to be a hook for catching fish. The rod slipped out of her hand and fell on the electric wires. Those electric wires had current and when she tried to grab the metal rod she got struck by 11,000 volts electric current. She yelled and her whole body was burned. 

The relatives who were sitting downstairs hearing her yell came to the balcony and saw Paulami bleeding badly and lying unconscious on the floor. She was admitted to the Apollo hospital where the doctor said that she got 80% burning that is third-degree burns. She was in a very critical situation and her parents were shattered seeing their daughter fighting for her life in such a state. The burns were so bad that the doctors had to amputate her right hand because the infection from the right hand started to spread to the whole body. She was kept in the ICU ward of Apollo hospital for one month.

After one month she started responding to treatment and she was shifted from Apollo hospital to Breach Candy Hospital where she was getting recovered. Since she suffered 80% burns there was no skin or muscle left in her left hand and left foot. She was completely bedridden in her room with few people to care for her.

Paulami was criticized and everybody looked down upon her as she had lost an arm and being a girl there were fewer chances of finding a groom. The relatives came to her house and sympathized with her and showed regret about her future. However, Paulami proved them wrong as she found her love of life in her childhood friend. She got married to him and is living a peaceful life with him. Despite being amputated she found a perfect match or her and they both run a family business.

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Paulami Patel is an inspiration to many and she is shining in her life which could happen due to her never giving up attitude and a solid support system which are her parents and her husband. They have supported her through thick and thin and not left her side even for a minute. She believes she is truly blessed to have this life and looks forward to what is coming her way. 

Paulami Patel, a girl who has 45 surgeries at the age of 12 is currently running a business dealing with heavy machinery. She is an adventurous person having likes for bungee jumping, skydiving, etc. She does all the normal routine work just like any average human being such as driving, writing. Despite being in such pain and suffering backlash from relatives and the society she has completed her MBA and living an extraordinary life among the ordinary people.

Her story tells us that don’t be shattered with failures or disappointments instead keep trying with a positive attitude. Life is so beautiful and one should not waste it.

Paulami was truly born to fly and look she already is and how!

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