According to you in India, what is our national passion? What is that event which the life of every Indian that engrosses us? Usually, people will name cricket and cinema. But the reality is quite different. India’s national passion is “marriage”.

From the time we are born our parents start planning our wedding. The daughter is told, “one day, you will become a bride”. “Your husband will come riding a horse”. You will be sent away in a palanquin.”As the daughters are growing up she is told, you will have a dream wedding one day.

The boys are told, “one day you will marry. You will become a groom”. “Your bride will be as pretty as the moon”. You will ride a horse and you will wear a turban. In every way, this idea of marriage or the concept of marriage is always buffering us, attaching it to us. Marriage is something like a dream or a big lavish celebration for us from ages, that’s what we dream off.

We know that marriage in India is an emotional and sacred institution that connects families and people.
Marriage is a social institution that has tremendous value and is celebrated as a festive in any family.
The auspicious dates of marriage come from March to June in the year. This year is a hard hit 2 for the
couples who were supposed to tie a knot in this summer. It is fact that 10 million weddings take place
every year.

New Norm of Marriage in Covid 19:

Many families have planned the weddings for this year beforehand i.e. before the corona virus started to enter our lives. People have spent lakhs to crores of rupees for the big day. The dreams have now come crashing down as people who spent a lot in all the decoration and planning had to cancel everything. Also, many laborers work on a per-day basis in the catering or decor works or makeup artists, so the pandemic has certainly hit the daily wage workers as well .On the other hand the wedding planners and fashion designers are also affected. Now if the marriages are supposed to take place then they can only take place by the given guidelines of the government of India. The guidelines are pretty much positive for all the classes of families as they have accepted it well.

Now as many people have come forward and accepted the new norm of COVID where Health is more important than having a lavish wedding. The marriages are becoming cleaner, hygiene orientated with fewer people, and more happiness. The trend now is changing as shopping malls are closed the bride and groom wearing their outfits from their wardrobe, even preparing the home decor with DIY’s of limited resources and family members helping in preparing meals for the limited guests. Social Media is flooded with the pictures of the Bride, Groom, and other family members wearing the face masks and maintaining a distance while the marriage ceremony is taking place.

Many South Indian actors like Rana Daggubati, Nikhil Siddhartha, and even many common people have set an example by showcasing their marriage and other ceremonies by following all the guidelines by the government. People now believe that marriage ceremony in their home is a tradition that our grandmothers used to follow with limited guests as the economic situations of the family were well known to people and the fact is that history is repeating. Yes, we are going back to the days where people used to celebrate their big day with limitations but with a happy family environment.

This seems to be the new norm now for the wedding for the further coming days or the future coming years. Limited guests, all the family members wearing a face mask, sanitizers everywhere, and many people joining live on Zoom to be part of the ceremony. But while some believe the situation might be temporary and they have postponed the wedding to a couple of months. While for others however lock down has meant to reassess what’s important is for the couple and the family to be together on the wedding day if it happens in their home i.e. a more comfortable place rather than a crowed community hall.

Though the trend has changed from a big fat Indian wedding to a simple ceremony, it’s new but still high on energy and its fun. Usually wedding is stressful event to manage from guest list to catering and return gifts but now couples say this is quite a stress free ceremony for them. By having a simple ceremony with their near and dear once couples and the families have had a lot of fun and positivity around them.

We all know that it’s a hard time for us in this pandemic but looking out for alternative ways to make our life healthy and better is the only way now. Marriage is a big day for everyone in the family and this should be celebrated with more precaution and by keeping in mind the health and conditions in the present day. Though the lock down has been lifted up but the fight against the corona virus is still on. Now it’s time we should be more cautious and more aware in the further coming days as this virus will be part of our life style which cannot be denied.

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